Personnal assistance or human resource department of the organization takes the responsibilities of employee services. This department performs the duties and tasks including motivation, recruitments, maintenance, etc. There can be one or more employees in the Personnel assistance sector of company.

Some tasks that Personnel assistance department handles are:

Personnel Assistance sector helps in recruitment of employees in the company. They help manager and other executives in the selection of new employee.

The department helps the company in process of interviews and assists to prepare advertisements for the company.

Training department of the employees is also handled by Personnel assistance sector. Training about work and need of the company is taught to the employees.


This sector focuses on the health, welfare and safety of the employees of organization.

This Department Manages attendance registers of the employees.

Organize appraisal process in the company to get in touch with the needs of employees.

Payment systems management is also handled by Personnel assistance sector of the organization.

Motivational works in the company to develop motivational skills in the employees are organized by Personnel assistance sector.

Policies of organization to meet the goals of company are documented and distributed to the employees by this sector.

Personal information including salary, performance and others about the employees is documented by Personnel Assistance sector. All the information about address, birthday, etc is kept in database by them.

There are some key skills of the employee of Personnel Assistance sector.

  • He must be commercially aware about all the activities of corporate world.
  • He must have complete teamwork skills.
  • He must have abilities to create good relations with the people.
  • IT skills, Interpersonal skills and numerical skills must be there in the employee of Personnel Assistance sector.

He must have organizational skills to perform best and effective results for the company.