How is digitisation changing the insurance field?

two people looking at a screen during a meeting

Digitisation is a revolution that’s affecting every business sector. The insurance field is no exception. this change helps better the customer’s experience through softwares and apps. New digital platforms and apps are providing eye-catching services for consumers and insurers alike! Digitisation has naturally enough been making its presence felt in […]

Why should you invest in a tourist residence?

‘Résidences de tourisme’ or tourist residences are a form of accommodation that’s common in ski resorts and other tourist hotspots in France. They offer self-catered accommodation combined, in some cases, with hotel-style amenities like access to a swimming pool, gyms, bars etc. They may also come with an on-site caretaker/concierge […]

The various types of motion machines for a production line

A continuous motion machine for an efficient assembly line

Ever since Henry Ford created the world’s first moving assembly line back in 1913, there has been constant development in terms of the techniques and machinery that are an integral part of this type of manufacturing process. Modern production lines use equipment like rotary and linear indexing systems and pallet-transfer […]

Find the ball-bearing you need for your industry

Before starting to look for the ball-bearing you need, it is wise to get more information about this tiny kind of product. Let’s check our review to ensure you to make the perfect choice. What are ball-bearings? A ball-bearing is a rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation […]

The various uses of phytochemical substances in industry

Chemists extracting phytochmical substances from a plant

Phytochemicals may well be one of those buzz words that you’ve heard but aren’t too sure what it actually means. Well, at the most basic level, a phytochemical is a chemical compound produced by a plant. Their purpose is usually to protect the plant from pests and diseases. This characteristic […]

The digital has changed corporate communication

Impact Of Digital Technology On Corporate Communication The rapid advancements in technology have certainly changed the way in which we communicate today. Not to mention, the advent of digital and automation technology has certainly created a huge impact on every business and the way they communicate. More or less every […]

Cloud Security: 5 Steps to Ensure Success

secure your static and dynamic data

Before moving to a cloud computing network, you must know the probable security risks and the ways to prevent them. Below we mention five points: CSP Administration The cloud automation security measures are to some extent similar with that of traditional IT governance. Both the client and the Cloud Service […]

B to B: what tools to the digital age?

In this digital age, when it comes to point of leading the generation, what play a major role are the tools and your role in the process. Open source distribution algorithms for example, cloud automation services, job scheduler products…are this kin of tools. The key components to lead the success […]

Some tricks to improve your visibility on the Internet

The web can make your brand visible to millions of target customers but its vastness makes it challenging for your company to stand out and be visible! Without online visibility success and growth of your entity will be stalled. With online shopping being embraced by billions of users, it is […]

Getting into Business Services

Demands of business services are rising with each passing day. For running a business, there are innumerable other business services providing due support like cloud automation, cloud security. Some of the services in this category include that of client contact management services, accounting and finance services, service sourcing, IT automation, […]