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New technologies are everywhere. Nowadays, connected objects, the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and all these high tech innovations are part of our everyday life. Even if some people are still suspicious of these objects, for many they are useful and represent the future. Let’s review some of the latest high tech innovations that are useful in many ways.

Health and beauty

Many companies try to enhance our lives by creating objects that can be useful to help us stay healthy. For example, you can wear a sleep bracelet to monitor how well you sleep and even prevent sleep apnea.  This little bracelet collects data and helps you stay healthy or decide whether you should consult a doctor if needed. In the beauty world, startups are creating more and more innovating objects. Soon, our mirrors could tell us if our skin is too dry or which makeup to wear for a given occasion. A hair scanner can also help solve hair problems and tell us what products to use given the nature of our hair.

Make our everyday life easier

Objects like smartphones or smart TVs are now completely normal and  we use them everyday. Some inventions are meant to make our lives even easier when it comes to things we do all the time. Some of them are also supposed to help us keep some items longer instead of changing them.  For example, an iPhone memory stick can boost the memory of your iPhone without having to buy the latest Apple product. Connected objects also help us save time at home or on the go. It is now easy to pull down the blinds when away from home or to start the coffee maker when still in bed. Having access to the internet everywhere is also something we don’t think about anymore, even if it used to be a big innovation. But in the near future, the 4G is bound to become 5G and it will be even easier to surf on the internet while travelling or when we are not at home.

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  • famous-emmy, le 24/08/2023

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