Can you imagine what kind of life is lead by a Taxi Driver?

For taxi drivers, there is an interaction with numerous people of varying nature on every new day. There are chances when they have to drive continuously for eight hours with just a short break of 10 minutes in between in which they can have coffee or relax a bit. At late night shifts, more difficulties are faced by the driver whether it is driving in heavy reflection of headlight of the vehicles or it is travelling to long distance to drop the customers and then retuning all alone at late night hours. Sometimes, they even need to face the situations where they need to deal with some drunken customers. Such people are unable to correctly describe the location where they need to go and then they scold the drivers for not dropping them at correct location.

This occupation makes the drivers to travel from one end of the city to other that is an interesting sightseeing for them. They also get the chance to help some people in emergency situations and in such conditions they became the real heroes for the people in need who receive their help.

They are not paid with salaries and only depend on how much they are able to earn in a given day. They need to travel as per the bookings and then need to drop the customers to their destination with in time. Sometimes, early morning bookings are done and the taxi driver needs to reach at the location to receive the customer on time. It is required for a taxi driver that he is very well aware of all the locations of a city so that they can reach to the required places without any problem.

Their life is different from others and it filled with new excitements and challenges.