How to open your own online store?

If you have the wannabe entrepreneur spirit in mind, you may contemplate opening an online store. Web is where the business is nowadays and giants like Amazon are raking in millions through online sales. Owing to tremendous advancements in software and web technologies it is easy to get started with […]

Fashion at the head of e-commerce purchases

Even few years back, luxury fashion brands have neglected their online audiences. This opportunity was taken by the smaller fashion brands and they have occupied a prominent position in e-commerce purchases. The rise of mobile and ecommerce is highly relevant in the fashion industry, but some fashion brands are still […]

What delivery solutions offer customers?

Innovative Delivery Solutions Available To Customers Today In this age of fierce competition, it has become essential for every business to adopt new strategies by means of which they can grab the attention of more customers. Giving attention to the requirements of customers is the primary criteria of all businesses […]

How Amazon has ruined the traditional publishing?

It can be amazing and sometimes a little saddening to observe how technology changes lifestyle and human habits. The email has been lambasted for killing the art of letter writing and Amazon, the online giant is also blamed for changing the way people read books! Amazon’s Kindle is undoubtedly the […]

How technology affects area of e-commerce?

When the web started making inroads into more homes in the early 2000, and usage costs started diminishing- businesses began focusing on the prospect of selling through the web in a major way. B2B commerce picked up fast and with time B2C followed suit. It is quite fascinating to observe […]

History of Success of Online Fashion

The fashion industry is highly dynamic. Fashion styles and trends keep on changing with time. With advent of internet and e-commerce, online fashion has become dominant. People can now know about the latest fashion trends that are dominating the international fashion arena by mere click of a mouse button. Majority […]

How Does Ecommerce Leads To A Democratization Of Culture

Online and mobile shopping continues to dominate the retail industry. Holiday seasons are special targets of the e-commerce stores because this is one of the best times to earn maximum revenue through sales and different promotional offers. In today’s date, it cannot be denied that ecommerce is one of the […]

Marketing of cultural products on internet

Cultural products are myriad and varied and categorizing cultural products is an even more difficult job. There are tangible as well as intangible cultural products. For instance, tangible cultural products include musical instruments, literature, art works, pottery, household items, foods, pottery, political cartoons, sports equipments etc. On the other hand, […]

Online consumption: that will change the digital law ?

Lots of factors create an impact on consumer shopping decisions. A majority of businesses today dives only into social media hoping that they can increase the brand awareness and get more customers. However, many are disappointed when they do not get adequate results. Moreover, it is also crucial to note […]