At workplace, sometimes you might notice that some of the employees are not able to perform their level best and are less productive than average. They might seem to look disturbed and least interested in work. This unusual behavior of people might be because of a very common illness known as depression.

As per the statistics, millions of people are affected by this problem and that too in a very young and productive age between the years of 25 to 44. If left untreated, depression might lead to several problems in personal as well as professional life.

This depression is prevailing more and more at workplace and out of 20 employees, 1 is affected by this disease. It leads to loss in productivity that cannot be estimated in any way.

However, depression could be treated easily if its symptoms are recognized at an early stage and then appropriate treatment is taken.

Following are the symptoms of depression:

  • Feeling helpless and worthless.
  • Decline of energy.
  • Continual sad mood.
  • Lack of interest in normal activities.
  • Irritation
  • Trouble in taking decisions.
  • Sleep disorder.
  • Suicidal attempts.
  • Eating disorder.


The symptoms of depression at the workplace may be recognized by the following factors.

  • Short of cooperation.
  • Troubles in self –esteem.
  • Decrease in efficiency.
  • Frequent absence.
  • Intake of more quantity of drugs/alcohol than usual.

Companies are taking necessary actions to help their employees fight this problem. Training sessions are provided to the employees and support is taken from the health personnel. Such efforts from the company are helping the employees to get health benefits and thus their productivity is increased.

Your employees could be affected by the problem of depression and this may have effects like decreased ability, problems in decision making, lack of concentration etc. This is not an inoperable illness and thus you can help your employees by providing them with necessary treatments.