Cloud technology is the gateway to unlimited resources for the digital industry, where multiple users can access services which are operated by a single host. With the fast growing demands for services, the cloud automation requires automation which controls the system centrally, providing requested resources to the users within a short time assuring optimum efficiency.

Tools like Puppets and Chefs have eased the mammoth task of creating huge resources within a short time, while also tracking and preserving them. Amazon, Openstack or whatever cloud platform you may be using, the automation tools are constantly getting adopted with the new requirements. Cloud automation is built in several layers which perform the task of maintaining the system in a combined way. It includes the automation of the cloud, the server and the applications.

But automation also has its own complications. It needs constant documentation and backup, otherwise you may lose the track of data any moment. The same thing can happen if any fault occurs within the system of automation. So a self-notification within the system and quick recovery from sudden errors become a crucial need over time. Cloud orchestration brings a solution in this case.

Cloud automation is a system of managing tasks, while cloud orchestration is the automation of the system and workflow, connecting automation tasks in a series and keeping track. It manages post deployment with built-in administration and workflow.

cloud automation

So, cloud automation system doesn’t mean simple installation of tools, but is needs constant monitoring for failure management. To maintain the cloud administration there must be a trained group of operators with sound and versatile experience on cloud automation, to provide the quickest service according to the newly emerging requirements and maintain the security of the system.

Cloud automation is expected to go through a remarkable change as the cloud system is going to bring a revolution in the IT sector. An idea of robotic administration is being initiated for cloud automation. The use of artificial intelligence is going to liberate the humans from the task of data management, to invest more time in research and development.