At present, the economy of a country is less dependent on the resources and it relies more on how the relations are maintained across the space. This is the reason why increase in the flow of all kinds of materials is linked with the growth of economic activities and this flow is possible because of the presence of an efficient system of transportation. Capital, resources, labor etc have shown the levels of mobility greater than ever. Thus, transportation system has become the necessity without which flow and growth cannot be assumed. This is the main reason behind the growth of transportation sector.

This sector is witnessing a boom on account of the dependencies of several economic factors on it. Due to this, large numbers of opportunities are open for the transportation services. Productivity interactions have increased with the help of improved system of transportation. Larger markets can be accessed if the system is effective, reliable and cost effective. Its performance has extensive impacts on all the sectors that depend on it.


The opportunities in the field of transportation are growing at a rate higher than ever. It plays major role in development of several sectors and consequently impacts the economy of the country. In addition to this, the geographic development has been a part in the growth of transportation system. Now, large distance could be covered easily in less time.  In today’s time, people are following the approach of ‘just in time’ in which they do not wait long for anything required to them. Time has gone when you need to wait for a day long to reach a distant place or get the required products. The efficient transportation has made it a matter of hours and sometimes even minutes.

 The reliability of this system and huge demand that is prevailing in the market for its services has lead to the boom in this sector.