When the web started making inroads into more homes in the early 2000, and usage costs started diminishing- businesses began focusing on the prospect of selling through the web in a major way. B2B commerce picked up fast and with time B2C followed suit. It is quite fascinating to observe how the evolutions in computer and internet technology has affected E Commerce and fueled its growth.

Below listed are the ways technological advancements has affected the way e-commerce is done:

Speed and ease

In the early days of e-commerce, shopping online did involve a number of steps. However, with people getting less time for everything and looking for quicker means to shop, e- commerce sites have changed too. Now, you can shop for aproduct or service without going through a lengthy registration process.

Social media integration

With people using plenty of onlineaccounts, remembering individualpasswords for e-commerce sites became rather tedious. That led the shops to integrate popular social media tools to let users login without using specific passwords. A lot of people who shop online usetheir Facebook profile to login and buy stuffs. Sometimes, they use social media to share their purchase updates with friends.


Rise of apps

With growing popularity and usage of smartphone and tablets, more people are discarding traditional PCs. A majority of online shoppers now use their phones to make a purchase online, on the move! While using websites in mobile devices is possible, most of them use apps. Apps offer faster access to online products and services compared to regular websites. This has forced a majority of e-commerce shops to come up with their apps.

More visuals

With growth of high speed internet, E commerce shop owners use high quality videos and 3D visual walkthroughs in their sites. This gives users a closer feel of the stuffs they want to buy.