Cloud automation is the answer to the complexities emerging with the cloud computing system, which is now growing as the strongest support of data management in IT industries. Clouds automations computing makes these service simple, fast and accurate, providing resources to each and every client with ultimate perfection.

Below we mention five crucial points about cloud automation:

  1. Before installing automation it is important to decide which features are to be automated, because automation of useless features will only complicate the system while that of advantageous features will help achieve the desired precision. You must remember that the target of automation is simplification and centralization, liberating an operator from complicated management tasks. So, the design of automation should be in accordance with this principle, instead of setting things arbitrarily.
  2. The automation system and its operating staff need user ids of high configuration as these ids are frequently shared and can cause serious security issues, whether accidental or intentional. So, an advanced security control must be assured allowing the users to access the resources, with complete protection of data.
  3. Though automation makes data management easy and less laborious, it requires constant documentation. If a part suddenly stops working, the system will lose its balance. Constant measuring and preserving backup is a must.
  4. The automation tools can be prone to faults, failures or some other unexpected conditions, while producing the correct output. In this case, self-awareness is necessary for the automation tools so that they can identify the defects or manage a critical situation, giving the correct output.
  5. The automation process requires staffs with previous experience on various automation tools, instead of specialization in a particular process. The system of cloud computing is ever changing and new demands can arise now and then. So, the operators need to be equipped with sufficient knowledge to handle different situations and requirements.

In the coming years, cloud computing is going to see a new height of progress; so, automation needs to get adopted with the new requirements. New technologies are being experimented and developed to assure optimum speed and quality of data management. With this progress the IT industry is going to see a monumental growth in the near future.