Before moving to a cloud computing network, you must know the probable security risks and the ways to prevent them. Below we mention five points:

CSP Administration

The cloud automation security measures are to some extent similar with that of traditional IT governance. Both the client and the Cloud Service Provider have the duty to maintain the security measures of the system. The cloud operator designs and maintains the security system. So, before entering into a cloud environment, it is important to check the infrastructure of the cloud environment.

External Audit of Security : cloud automation

The cloud automation security measures are to be judged by external auditors, whether your system is in compliance with HIPAA/ HITECH or PCI DSS. The auditors put stress on a few points regarding security, like CSP internal governance and access to the corporate audit trail of the CSP. It is important to check how the CSP protects a customer’s data in a shared environment and prevents unauthorized access.

CSP Internal Management

In many cases, the cloud automation security has been under threat due to internal issues among the cloud staffs. So, before signing up, a client must check who are being assigned to maintain his assets and he must have the power to assign tasks and control the management.

IT governance

System of Data Security

Check the type of data you are going to upload in a cloud system; it can also include applications or machine images. Some data are preserved and some are regularly accessed. The cloud operator must be  able to secure your static and dynamic data. It is better if your data is encrypted both in storage and in transit.

Security and Privacy Policies

Security and privacy are not the same. Security is tightened to prevent hacking, while the privacy policies are ensured to protect private data, which might be at risk due to negligence, not always due to deliberate attack. So, as a client you must have a clear understanding of the policies.

To ensure the entire security of your data, check security agreements thoroughly before tying up with a cloud automation system.